About Imm-D

What does Imm-D stand for?

“Imm” means to be full
“D” means good

Good, not as an ordinary good, but rather:

  • Good service
  • Good atmosphere
  • Good ambience
  • Good personnel
  • Good food

About the owner Sureena Pfeffer

Sureena was born in Lop-Buri, Thailand, where her grandfather, uncle and father were soldiers. Sureena’s mother was born in Ayutthaya and has worked for many years as a cook. From her mother Sureena was able to learn her cooking skills. When Sureena was young, her mother worked in a factory and catered for 300 people, every day, 3 times a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner with the help of only one assistant. In addition, the food had to be different every day. Already at the age of 3 Sureena helped her mother to prepare the breakfast. From Monday to Friday, she made 300 fried eggs everyday.

When Sureena was 6 she when to live with her grandparents for the next ten years in Chiang Mai. In this time she learned a lot from her grandmother, who still had to do everything by hand, including making the fire in the firepit and grinding the curry by hand. Every day she helped her grandmother doing these chores. At the age of 8 Sureena was able to take care of a 6 member family on her own. Every day she received 20 Baht (~0.5 Euro) from her grandmother and with that amount she had to organize for the day what she could cook with it so that everyone was well fed.

At the age of 15 she graduated from middle school and went back to Lop Buri, where her mother was in charge of a school cafeteria. Every day she got up with her mother at 4 o’clock in the morning and went to the market to buy fruits, vegetables and meat. After running for the errands, which took 1-2 hours, Sureena helped her mother in the kitchen before she went to school at 7 o’clock in the morning. Her mother had to prepare the food for 700 students serving 20 different dishes 3 times a day.
At the age of 18 she graduated from high-school and started to run a food truck serving noodle soups with various sorts of meat and noodles. Only in the evening from 6 o’clock to midnight and occasionally during the day, she went to university and studied arts and history.

With 25 years and after graduating from university she went back to Chang Mai and worked in a hotel as an event manager until she turned 30.

After that she opened her own Thai-restaurant that she only ran in the evenings. During the day she worked in an antique store. In her Thai restaurant her history with Lofer began. She met her husband in 2006 and came to Lofer with him in 2007.
Her father-in-law embraced her cooking skills from the beginning and every day he took pictures from the diversified dishes and reported to his friends. Soon after coming to Lofer she could prove her cooking skills in front of a huge family business.
This was also the starting point for her self-employment in Lofer. She started with a small stand at Lofer’s Marktleben serving spring rolls and chicken skewers. Soon it was clear that her food was highly sought after. Every year the demand increased until she decided to take over a cafeteria in Unken and offered her dishes for take away. Three years later on December 15th 2017 she opened the doors of her own restaurant. The Imm-D Thai to go & Restaurant in Lofer.

About Thailand (officially Kingdom of Thailand)

  • A country in Southeast Asia
  • Area: 513.115 km2
  • Capital: Bangkok
  • Official language: Thai
  • 68 million citizens
  • 75% ethnic Thais, 14 % Chinese
  • in the 3 southern provinces mainly Malayan people live
  • Religions: Buddhism (94%) and 5.1 % Muslim
  • Currency: Baht (THB)